Monday, May 17, 2010

Fashionable Cars

Manolos…check, LV bag…check, convertible…check… Yes, a car is a little pricy for a single fashion accessory, but you want to be thorough, right? Details, please! So, I suggest you take good care choosing the right color. It should match your eyes, nail polish and of course, most of your wardrobe. Engine power, maximum speed and other vehicle properties should not be your concern, you hardly drive anyway. What’s important is that the car looks good on you and that you look good in it.

You’ll agree that the most fashionable of them all is her majesty convertible. Regardless of the brand, it looks great on both men and women, for completely different reasons though. And what’s a little humming in your ears and inhaling all those fumes on the road when you get to be seen with the wind in your hair, looking at least 10 years younger, pretending you’re taking the exit to the Palm. Put the loud music on and you’ll become an idol to already amazed Dubai tourists watching you from the Big Bus.


River Island,225DhsRiver Island,225Dhs


Top Shop,40DhsTop Shop,40Dhs


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